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Sherzod Shermatov: "If this project is implemented, many problems will be resolved"
20 november 2021

About the center

About the center

Our activity

We create effective and transparent mechanisms for the development and implementation of projects in the field of information and communication technologies within the framework of the 'Electronic government' system, as well as provide a high-quality examination of projects, design and technical documentation in this area.


We are implementing the main directions of reforms in the field of the digital economy and improving the 'Electronic government' system as part of the development of the 'Electronic government' system and the 'Digital Uzbekistan-2030' program, in particular:

  • ensuring a unified technological approach to the development of e-government;
  • development of priority areas for digital development in government agencies and organizations;
  • introduction in government bodies and organizations of a unified interdepartmental electronic system of performing discipline;
  • coordination of the stages of implementation of projects and programs in the field of e-government.
priority state projects are coordinated by the center
public services provided through the portal of interactive public services
public services are implemented on the interactive public services portal
place in the rating of e-government development


Work with us

Then came the moment when we need more specialists for the most challenging projects!

IT analyst

We invite you to the vacant position of IT analyst at the Center for Electronic Government!

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SUE Electronic Government Project Management Center invites Testers to work


An analyst is required at the SUE Electronic Government Project Management Center

NodeJS Backend Programmer

NodeJS Backend-programmer (Senior or Middle) is required in the SUE Electronic Government Project Management Center

Our achievements

More than 64% of the 35 million people living in Uzbekistan are Internet users.

On October 5, 2020, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved the “Digital Uzbekistan 2030” strategy and measures for its effective implementation. Digital technologies are being actively introduced in all state institutions of all sectors of the economy. More than 100 information systems are connected to the e-government system. Systems developed at the Center, such as Billing, Interdepartmental Information Platform, One ID and others, play a huge role in the digitalization of all spheres of life in Uzbekistan.

Our team monitors the latest global trends in the field of information technology and immediately implements them in the e-government system.
The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications awarded the work of the center with a diploma for making a contribution to the development of information technologies.

27 january
10 march
02 june
25 june
25 june
16 august
30 august
The number of electronic services in the mobile application will increase to 100

Mission, vision and goals

We rely on important values, strengths, and work to succeed in achieving the set goals.

The Mission

Mission of the Center is to develop a competent strategy for the long term. Our core values are dedication, unity, innovation, precision, and development.

Vision of the Center

Not to stop at achived level and constantly work on self-improvement. The results of carried out successful work inspire us to new ideas and methods of their implementation.

Center Strategy

Digital technologies are the future of humanity. They contribute to the development of all spheres of human and state life. Digitalization of data will increase the country's development indicators.

Our goal

We strive to make the life of the country's population as easy as possible by providing services in electronic form, which will allow users to save time, money, and resources.

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Портал открытых данных
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Официальный веб-сайт Президента Республики Узбекистан
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Правительственный портал Республики Узбекистан
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